A posh Los Angeles fitness center kicked a black pastor out and banned him for life because, the pastor says, a white employee overheard him expressing support for President Donald Trump. The employee allegedly charged at the pastor, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, in a physically threatening manner — coming within inches of his face — […]

The Harvey Weinstein scandal may have opened up a whole can of worms for Hollywood, but (to employ another metaphor) that is just the tip of the iceberg. The scandal is due to crack wide open any day now, and it’s not another Weinstein tale. It’s worse. By now we’ve all been reminded of actor […]

The media continues to downplay the growing Obama-Clinton Uranium One scandal – but, back in 2015, Hillary Clinton’s campaign team was in full panic mode knowing how bad her misconduct would look if it ever became common knowledge. Wikileaks published an email from Hillary’s former research director, Tony Carrk dated April 29, 2015. The email […]

And so the worm turns. Make that worms. Just as key congressional panels open new probes into the still-smoking debris of last year’s election, the revelation that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid as much as $9 million for the discredited Russian dossier on Donald Trump flips the collusion script on its […]

A women’s studies professor at the University of California, Davis has declared that the time has come to replace “traditional science” with “a much needed anti-science, antiracist, feminist approach to knowledge production.” The professor is Sara Giordano, according to Campus Reform. Giordano, who has a Ph.D. in neuroscience but has chosen to pursue a career […]

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who announced he will not seek reelection to the U.S. Senate, delivered an intense rebuke of President Donald Trump on the Senate floor Tuesday. “There are times where we must risk our careers in favor of our principles,” Flake began. “Now is such a time.” “It must also be said that […]

WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court on Tuesday cleared the way for a 17-year-old immigrant held in custody in Texas to obtain an abortion. The full U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled 6-3 that new dates should be set for the teen to obtain the procedure. The decision overruled a […]

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” said his efforts to convince the public of the dangers of global warming have failed, largely due to a misinformation campaign by the fossil fuel industry. “I am a failure,” Nye told Salon in an interview ahead of a documentary on the Science Guy’s rise to fame. “The United States […]

Kathy Griffin unexpectedly severed ties with her attorney, Lisa Bloom, over the weekend, but the comedian has come forward to explain why she axed her. In an interview with the Daily Beast, Griffin recalled the disastrous June 2 press conference she participated in with Bloom to address her controversial Donald Trump “severed head” photo. Hours […]

WASHINGTON — A Democratic senator from Ohio described the Trump White House as a haven for Goldman Sachs executives and white supremacists. Sen. Sherrod Brown says he’s concerned about the Wall Street types pressuring the president for tax cuts for the rich. “You walk into the White House, and it looks far too much like […]

On Monday, CNN released an ad demonstrating their allegiance to the facts. Here it is: “Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana.” #FactsFirst pic.twitter.com/LbmRKiGJe9 — CNN (@CNN) October 23, 2017 By late morning, Greg Tomlin had issued this response video, devastating the media’s pathetic take on basic matters of science they […]

Mahroh Jahangiri, an editor at Feministing.com, recently published an article in which she claims Zionism is a system “built to uphold white supremacy” (emphasis added): In case you missed it, women are flooding social media this week to share our stories of sexual assault and harassment, using the hashtag #MeToo to “give people a sense of the […]

More than 30 women have come forward to accuse Hollywood director James Toback of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the wake of similar accusations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. According to the LA Times, which published the expose on Sunday, Toback — a lesser-known but still powerful force in Hollywood — preyed on young […]

Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson said it was racist for White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to use the term “empty barrel” to describe her during his Thursday press conference. Friday on CNN’s “New Day.” “The only thing I want to be dragged into right now is getting back our girls who are the victims […]