An antifa group in Los Angeles celebrated May Day by holding a small march, hanging a Trump effigy, and advocating for “revolutionary violence” against the “capitalist state” in order to “create real political power.” “We must carry out military actions against the enemies of the people!” a member of the L.A. cell of the Red […]

On Friday, The Huffington Post led with the most important story of the day: women are now into fish sex. As in nailing the salmon, curing the whitefish, coring the tuna, smoking the sea bass. Yes, ladies are now apparently interested in the motion of the ocean. Why? Because all men are pigs, and hey, […]

A startling incident in a Utah courtroom involved a man taking extreme measures in an apparent attempt to escape. Christopher Clay Rudd was sitting handcuffed, appearing in court because he allegedly failed to undergo court-ordered treatment, when he suddenly made a daring, albeit unsuccessful, break for the exit … which was one floor below. Clearly, […]

According to The New York Times, some Washington Redskins cheerleaders taken to Costa Rica in 2013 for a calendar photo shoot were required to go topless, and had no idea that male sponsors and FedExField suite holders were granted access to watch them pose nude from the waist up. The Times writes that the cheerleaders […]

Kanye West stepped out in Los Angeles on Monday and had an entourage that was hard to miss. The rapper was flanked by three big security guards as he headed to dinner, which may or may not be related to a gang threat recently brought against him. On Sunday, Daz Dillinger posted an Instagram video […]

The Pentagon has spent roughly $700,000 on training designed to tell soldiers when it is appropriate to kiss a girl. The “Can I Kiss You?” training was most recently deployed last week at the U.S. Army base in Fort Eustis, Va. Soldiers learned about “starting a conversation about relationships and intimacy.” “The training event aimed […]

A Florida fisherman learned a valuable lesson last week: Don’t mess with a manatee. Luis Tornas Perez, 49, was fishing on Long Key near mile marker 55 when he came across a group of about 16 manatees who were mating. Instead of leaving them alone, as required by state law, however, Tornas Perez reportedly splashed […]

A third woman has accused legendary NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw of unwanted sexual advances, long before the newsman had become a household name. Mary Reinholz wrote a first-person account of her experience with Brokaw in The Villager, a weekly newspaper serving several New York City neighborhoods, alleging the news legend forcibly kissed her during […]

As Philip Klein points out, it’s a good thing that this “history lesson” comes from the Left’s favorite Palestinian moderate. Lord knows how this would have unfolded with a less rational personage than Mahmoud “Abu Mazen” Abbas. The Palestinian leader opened the first Palestinian National Council in 22 years yesterday, hoping to firm up his […]

Watch the latest video at Keziah Daum is not apologizing for wearing what she calls a “beautiful” Chinese cheongsam dress to her high school prom, despite receiving backlash from thousands of people online, some of whom called her a “closet racist” and accused her of cultural appropriation. Daum, 18, posted an album of four […]

It looks like someone poisoned the entertainment well with conservative ideology. On Sunday morning, former NFL star and Kim Kardashian-boyfriend Reggie Bush went into a conservative line of questioning over the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). “This might be a dumb question so I’m apologizing ahead of time but who audits the IRS?” Bush asked via […]

In a speech in Tel Aviv on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that Israeli intelligence had acquired tens of thousands of files, which, he said, proved that Iran had lied about its nuclear weapons program. The files also reportedly prove that Iran has been secretly continuing its program under the nose of international […]

On Monday, embattled comedian Kathy Griffin walked back her apology to President Donald Trump and his family from last year when she held up a decapitated head of Trump in a photo that caused significant uproar across the political spectrum. Appearing on ABC’s “The View,” Griffin responded to co-host Sara Haines’ comment about the fact […]