Good Guy With Gun Stops Terrorist


Good Guy With Gun Stops Terrorist


Don’t say Jesus’ name on The View – during a religious discussion – or you’ll get censored. During a segment about whether or not the 10 Commandments are obsolete, co-host Paula Faris discussed her religious upbringing. As part of the argument, Faris mentioned the Jesus twice, but the audio went silent both times, splicing out […]

Buckle up, you’re in for one bumpy ride. Last May, Democratic Ulster County Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky was pulled over for a minor speeding infraction, and in response, the lawmaker had an epically insane meltdown caught on dash-cam video. Despite her lawyers’ best efforts, the footage was recently released to the public — and it’s […]


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Game of Thrones star Kit Harington says he’s sorry for believing that men can be victims of sexism and objectification, just like women can. Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, told a newspaper back in May that he often feels objectified by women who watch the show just to see snaps of Harington’s…er…assets…and that while he […]

A CNN panel had a field day on Tuesday attacking Gen. John Kelly for his comments about the Civil War yesterday. During an interview on Fox News, Gen. Kelly asserted that the Civil War was caused by the “lack of ability to compromise” and called Gen. Robert E. Lee an “honorable man.” The panel ripped […]

You can’t make this up: a test blast at a North Korean nuclear facility went off the rails – killing as many as 200 laborers. Earlier this month, North Korea conducted its sixth underground nuclear test at the Punggye-ri test site deep inside Mount Matap. The resulting blast led to the collapse of a nearby […]

Seven Democratic senators have accepted donations for their 2018 campaigns from Democratic super-lobbyist Tony Podesta, FEC files show. Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly probing the Podesta Group as part of his investigation into Russian influence operations within the United States. Tony Podesta, whose brother John was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair in 2016, resigned from […]

A Canadian music festival has apologized for “overt racism” – after a white volunteer staffer refused to give up her seat, which she had paid for, to a minority woman and move to the back of the theater. Singer Lido Pimienta asked the white members of her audience at the Halifax Pop Explosion to move […]

More than anything else, the indictments of Paul Manafort and his partner Rick Gates demonstrate the fraudulent nature of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The probe has little to do with Russian interference in last year’s election. Instead, it is calculated to protect Mueller and a cabal within the FBI and Justice Department who covered […]

Former ISIS fighters from Syria are apparently being offered taxpayer-funded homes as a bribe to resist killing infidels, a fool-proof plan we’re sure will work. According to reports, a new U.K. government program called Operation Constrain will offer some 20,000 extremists previously investigated by Security Service what’s being described as housing “bribes,” “aimed at turning […]

[WARNING: This Article Contains Strong Language] During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter regarding his latest film, actor Bryan Cranston, who once said he would leave the country if Trump was elected, had some harsh words for any who “hope” for the president’s failure. THR asked: “You’ve previously been particularly vocal about your opposition to […]


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It’s not outlandish to entertain a previously unthinkable prospect: Might ESPN elect to go without rights to NFL games? ​In a span of less than five years, industry giant ESPN has seen its narrative transformed from that of a mighty colossus into the hard-luck tale of a ragtag warrior. As it struggles to regain heretofore […]

The San Francisco 49ers just don’t know how to stay out of politics. On Thursday, the NFL team announced it’s joining a number of law enforcement unions – including the San Jose Police Officers’ Association and the Los Angeles Police Protective League – and signing a “Pledge for a More Understanding and Safer America.” The […]

A Women’s Studies professor at the University of California, Davis, thinks science is racist. Sara Giordano, a former neuroscientist who is now a Women’s Studies professor, wrote in a paper that “traditional science” is grounded in racism – and should go the way of the dinosaur. Science “earned its epistemic authority through its co-constitution with […]