CNN’s Uses Anti-Trump Officials To Push Leftist Agenda


CNN’s Uses Anti-Trump Officials To Push Leftist Agenda


On Monday, high profile attorney Gloria Allred presented a second sexual assault accuser against Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore: Beverly Young Nelson. Nelson apparently approached Allred for representation; Allred stated that Nelson was “ready, willing and able” to testify under oath about her experiences. “She feels that it is her duty to speak out […]

On Saturday, The New York Times ran yet another execrable op-ed, this time from Professor Ekow Yankah of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University. This op-ed argued that black children should not be friends with white children, and that their parents ought to warn them off of such relationships. This assuredly […]


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The first thing you’ll see when you walk into Eaton Workshop, a hotel opening in late spring 2018 in Washington, is a custom-commissioned video art installation by AJ Schnack, shown on a series of vintage-style television screens. All day long, it’ll broadcast a montage of footage from the presidential elections of 2012 and 2016 that’s […]

Earlier in the week, we learned that the female Russian attorney whose June 2016 meeting with Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner — which remains the most (only?) concrete evidence of attemptedcollusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government — met with the founder of Democratic opposition research firm Fusion GPS on that very same day.  Twice. […]

A panel on MSNBC’s Meet the Press Daily on Tuesday made false claims about the man who stopped the Texas church shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday. New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor and host Chuck Todd falsely claimed that NRA instructor Stephen Willeford did not shoot at the Texas church shooter and did not stop his […]

The Atlanta lawyer whose racial discrimination suit against CNN was dismissed earlier this year says he is re-filing the class action case – this time with a new set of plaintiffs and even more alleged victims. The network news channel’s alleged racial discrimination is “as abhorrent as all of the sexual harassment cases that are […]

How could the people surrounding [FILL IN THE ENTERTAINMENT FIGURE] stay silent? How could the people surrounding [FILL IN THE POLITICIAN] stay silent? How could the people surrounding [FILL IN THE RELIGIOUS FIGURE] stay silent? How could so many stay silent when they knew — or at least had heard — about the sexual abuse […]

Watch the latest video at Former Democratic Party boss Donna Brazile – in her bombshell campaign book and media interviews promoting it – has painted the picture of a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign that was impenetrable and even “cult”-like, hampering any effort by advisers who warned about the missteps that gave Donald Trump a […]

A new project that analyzed 2017 state testing data found that one-third of Baltimore, Maryland, high schools have zero students proficient in math. What are the numbers? Project Baltimore found that 13 out of 39 high schools in the city had zero students that were proficient in math, according to the testing data. Another six […]

A BuzzFeed reporter claimed the phrase “victims of communism” is a “white nationalist talking point.” Blake Montgomery, who works as the news site’s tech and protest reporter took umbrage at the phrase after President Donald Trump signed an executive order making November 7 the “National Day for Victims of Communism.” “‘Victims of Communism’ is a […]


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The GOP’s favorite to win Alabama’s Senate race next month is being accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with a 14-year-old girl in 1979, according to an explosive new report in The Washington Post. Leigh Corfman, now 53, said she met GOP candidate Roy Moore when he offered to watch her during her mother’s child custody […]

A creative writing teacher came after a Latino student for being a Trump supporter – but the student had the last laugh. The student, who posted a video of the encounter under a pseudonym, has told reporters that he wishes to remain anonymous. All we know is that he’s a high school senior somewhere in […]

The racist graffiti found written on whiteboards at the Air Force Academy caused nationwide outrage – and turned out to be a hoax. On September 25, “Go home, n******,” was found written on whiteboards outside the dorm rooms of five African-American cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School in Colorado Springs. But now, […]