Watch Pelosi Turn Into Stammering, Stuttering Mess On Dem-Friendly CNN


Watch Pelosi Turn Into Stammering, Stuttering Mess On Dem-Friendly CNN


A professor at Fordham University School of Law wants African-American students to claim a “disability” for their race. Kimani Paul-Emile, in an article published in the Georgetown Law Journal, claims that “Blackness in the United States has an independent disabling effect distinct from the effects of socioeconomic status.” According to Paul-Emile, being African-American “is disabling […]

During a debate Tuesday over the Cleveland Indian’s recent decision to drop their “Chief Wahoo” logo, ESPN “First Take” host Max Kellerman argued the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot is offensive as well. Kellerman said he is personally thanked every time he visits a reservation for his public opposition to Native-American mascots in sports. “When […]


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It’s not unusual to spot animals of various kinds at the airport — dogs and cats for the most part. Sometimes animals are small enough that passengers are able to bring them aboard flights. But when United Airlines employees at Newark Liberty International Airport recently got an eyeful of a peacock — with its own […]

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll reel in amazement that this cynical clown is a top-tier candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2020. The clip below picks up with Gillibrand mid-answer, responding after Joy Behar asked her why she called on Al Franken to resign from the Senate over the unproven accusations against him. Because, replies […]

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is stepping down from his position more than a month before previously anticipated, according to multiple reports. A career civil servant who was appointed deputy director in 2016, McCabe has been a frequent target of Republicans alleging systemic bias against President Trump at the top tiers of the bureau. … […]

The Pentagon was forced last year to rescind interim security clearances granted under the Obama administration to at least 165 contractors linked to various crimes, including felony convictions for pedophilia and foreign government affiliations, revealed a report issued by the Director of the Defense Security Service (DSS). According to the report, DOD contractors preserved their […]

The NFL’s apparent campaign to use anthem protests to turn themselves into the most polarizing brand in America, has nearly succeeded. The proof of that success came this week in a Morning Consult survey of most polarizing brands in America in 2018. While the NFL did not seize the top spot in this infamous list, […]

University of Florida students walked around campus Tuesday with fake menstrual blood on their pants to protest the lack of free feminine hygiene products on campus. On January 15, a student government committee rejected a proposal to provide free menstrual products to female students through the mandatory Activity and Service Fee, expressing concerns about applying […]

A Chicago man accused of sexually assaulting three children claims that there’s no crime – because he’s actually “a nine-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.” The self-proclaimed trans-age Joseph Roman is 38-years-old and has been charged with multiple counts of predatory criminal sexual assault, stemming from incidents between August 2015 and January 2018. Roman’s victims […]

Now they tell us. More than a year after President Obama left office, a journalist is finally revealing a photograph he deliberately hid from the American public for well over a decade, for the explicit purpose of shielding Obama from political backlash. Talking Points Memo has the details, including the story of a ‘panicked’ phone […]


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In a world where straw waste causes mass hysteria by clogging the brains of high-in-the-sky Californians, one man will save the Golden State. Democratic leader Ian Calderon has a few laws to cook up over a cauldron of piety and self-appreciation (Stats Show California Now Has the Highest Poverty Rate in America… and PANIC: California […]

Former Senate President of Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq, has criticized Bill and Hillary Clinton for “raping and pillaging my beloved Haiti“, and urged President Trump to investigate the financial affairs of the Clinton Foundation. Appearing at an event in Little Haiti, Florida, Donald Trump gave Bernard Sansaricq the opportunity to speak about the disastrous impact the […]

The Coalition To Save Jackson Park (CTSJP) filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Chicago Park District Tuesday, seeking withheld records regarding the Obama Presidential Center proposed for construction in Jackson Park. Filed in Cook County Circuit Court, the South Side community group’s lawsuit claims that the Park District has willfully and […]