Woke Ivy League School WON’T Rescind Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree

Yale University will not rescind an honorary degree awarded to Bill Cosby, even as at least twenty other universities have done so in the wake of the numerous sexual assault accusations leveled at the comedian.

“Yale has never rescinded an honorary degree,” a Yale spokeswoman told The Yale Daily News last week. “Any change to this longstanding practice would have to be taken up by the board of trustees, which is the body that confers degrees, and it is not under active discussion.”

The refusal to rescind the degree comes even after students have agitated for the comedian, whom over fifty women have accused of sexual assault, to be stripped of the honorary award.

Numerous other institutions have stripped Cosby of honorary degrees in recent years, though he has not yet been convicted of any offense. Brown University, Tufts University, Oberlin College, and Boston University are among the schools that have taken back honorary degrees previously awarded to the comedian.

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