Why Is West Point Pushing The Divisive Critical Race Theory?

Why Is West Point Pushing The Divisive Critical Race Theory?

Despite protestations to the contrary, the Defense Department is pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) in at least one of its elite military academies. More than a year ago, Liberty Nation described CRT as a destructive and divisive course of instruction, pitting race against race and economic class against economic class.

 In the meantime, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has attempted to distance the military from accusations that it advocates the theory. At a press conference in July 2021, Austin said:

You’ve heard me say that critical race theory is not something that this department teaches, professes, embraces. You’ve also heard a couple of people at academic institutions say that they have required this to be reading for their students in specific courses. But because that is the case does not mean that this department embraces this theory.

A Judicial Watch report on June 20 revealed that government records portray something entirely different. After requests to the Department of Defense (DOD) for specific documents describing CRT training in the military were ignored, Judicial Watch resorted to FOIA lawsuits to acquire 518 pages of course material and 135 pages of official memoranda and other documents.

One might wonder, if the DOD was proud of its curriculum at West Point and other institutions, why did it take a lawsuit to produce the foundational documents?

Typical of the West Point CRT syllabus is Lesson 14. This set of PowerPoint charts, “Barbershop and DuBois,” uses a black barbershop as a metaphor to distinguish “whiteness” from the black community’s experience. The first line of Chart Six, titled “Whiteness,” asserts: “In order to understand racial inequality and slavery, it is first necessary to address whiteness.”


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