What Spygate Tells Us About The Google, Facebook, And Twitter Files

What Spygate Tells Us About The Google, Facebook, And Twitter Files

Cross-referencing new information from “The Twitter Files” and a state attorneys general lawsuit against Big Tech with what we know about Spygate from years of investigations reinforces and enlarges shocking conclusions about the corruption of American government. Those two illuminate further how the U.S. bureaucracy interferes in elections, in these cases by pushing communications monopolies to shut down discourse that undermines the administrative state. 

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s latest is evidence demonstrating the federal government’s use of Big Tech communications monopolies to censor its critics was not at all limited to Twitter. He posted an email showing the Biden White House asking Facebook to shut down Tucker Carlson’s speech on its platform, and a Facebook employee apparently complying within just a few hours.

Newly elected Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey posted screenshots of White House staffers demanding similar censorship from Google’s YouTube. The emails also showed Google employees confirming to the White House that they are algorithmically killing the reach of speech that displeases Democrats on YouTube.


Joe Biden by Petr David Josek is licensed under Fox News