WATCH: Roseanne Drops Devastating Truth Bomb on Jimmy Kimmel

WATCH: Roseanne Drops Devastating Truth Bomb on Jimmy Kimmel

Roseanne’s back and doing what she does best: Giving people an unfiltered piece of her mind, including her leftwing peers. As part of a promotion for her new show — which has been much-hyped in part because Barr’s character supports, wait for it, the president — Barr and co-star John Goodman appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the show and Trump.

The interview started off with Kimmel asking Barr about her presidential campaign in 2012, which she ran entirely on Twitter, making her “the original crazy Twitterer,” which she joked Trump stole from her. Goodman responded by announcing that he’s been paying hush money to women for years, a reference to the ongoing Stormy Daniels saga, which got a big laugh from everyone. Barr noted that while she only managed to get on the ballot of three states, she came in sixth overall. Her big campaign issue was the legalization of marijuana.

When Barr brought up her personal support of Trump and the conflicts it caused within her family, Kimmel asked her if her family was mad at her about voting for him. “We had some so pro-Hillarys and some pro-Trump, and there was a lot of fighting,” she said.

“Weren’t you a friend, like a good friend, of Hillary Clinton’s at one point?” asked Kimmel.

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