[VIDEO] Dad Confronts Principal Over Anti-Gun Walkout

[VIDEO] Dad Confronts Principal Over Anti-Gun Walkout

A dad captured a recording of his skirmish with a school principal over last week’s anti-gun walkout. The school apparently just let students leave if they chose to – even if they were as young as 12 years old.

Dad John Gunn confronted Principal Barbara Boggio at Ventura Unified School District about why his son was simply allowed to leave school and posted the interaction on Facebook.

“When do sixth-graders make decisions?” he demanded. “I’m going to sue the school district. I already have a lawyer. I wasn’t notified that you were going to allow this.”

On today’s show, Doc and Kris talked about the clear anti-gun bias behind the principal’s decision to allow students to leave school freely because of the protest. Why didn’t responsible adults prevent kids from leaving school or at least warn parents and try to stop the students from walking out?

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