University Starts Interrogating Professors Accused of ‘Microaggressions’

University Starts Interrogating Professors Accused of ‘Microaggressions’

Harvard University will soon investigate professors accused of “microaggressions” after students reported being subjected to in-class “verbal or nonverbal slights/insults.”

Seven classes at the Harvard University School of Public Health have been “flagged for special attention and review” after each class drew three or more student reports of microaggressions, The Harvard Crimson reported Thursday.

85 students responded “yes” to a question on whether they had experienced in-class microaggressions, according to data that school dean Nancy Turnbull provided exclusively to Crimson reporter Luke Vrotsos.

The question specifically asked whether a student had experienced any “verbal or nonverbal slights/insults (whether intentional or unintentional) that negatively targeted a particular identity group.”

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