U.S. Olympian Says Coin Tosses are Racist

So, coin tosses are now racist.

This week, the US Olympic Committee chose two-time world champion and four-time Olympian Erin Hamlin, a luger, to carry the American flag in the opening ceremonies. That came after she and decorated speed skater Shani Davis tied 4-4 in a vote among eight U.S. winter sport federations, and a coin was flipped. Davis, however, thinks the coin flip was racist:

What, exactly, does losing a coin flip have to do with Black History Month? Nothing. But the presumption is that somehow Davis was the victim of racial bias thanks to the use of the ultimate example of randomness: a coin toss.

If we’re truly all on the same team — Team USA — and if the Olympics is supposed to represent unity, then so far some members of the Olympic team are doing a terrible job representing that team. Whether it’s Davis or Adam Rippon falsely claiming that Vice President Mike Pence supported gay conversion therapy, this nonsense has to stop.

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