Trump Supporter’s Allegations Jolt Senate Race

Trump Supporter’s Allegations Jolt Senate Race

On Monday, high profile attorney Gloria Allred presented a second sexual assault accuser against Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore: Beverly Young Nelson. Nelson apparently approached Allred for representation; Allred stated that Nelson was “ready, willing and able” to testify under oath about her experiences. “She feels that it is her duty to speak out at this time, and we applaud her courage,” Allred stated.

And her allegations are shocking.

Nelson is 55 years old (she turns 56 this week), and she and her husband supported President Trump. Her account is that she began working at Old Hickory House, a restaurant off of Highway 431 in Gadsden, Alabama, when she was 15. “I worked there after school as a waitress,” she stated. She continued:

Some nights I worked until 7 p.m. and other nights until 10 p.m. Mr. Roy Moore was a regular customer. He came in almost every night and he would stay until closing time. He sat at the counter in the same seat night after night, and I remember exactly where he sat. Mr. Moore was an adult. He was much older than I was. I knew that he was the district attorney in Etowah County, I didn’t understand what that meant, but I did know that he was an important person and I always treated him with respect. He would pull the ends of my red hair … He would compliment me on my looks, and I would think nothing of it. I was accustomed to men flirting with me, because I was well developed and competed in beauty pageants. I did not attach any significance to Mr. Moore’s behavior towards me, and I did not respond to Mr. Moore’s flirtatious behavior.

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