Trump Roars At Democrats Hoping Economy Will Tank: ‘I Always Find A Way To Win’

On Friday, President Trump, aware that those on the Left actually want the economy to plunge so his reelection chances would be damaged, took the bull by the horns in a direct message to the American people, tweeting:

The Economy is strong and good, whereas the rest of the world is not doing so well. Despite this the Fake News Media, together with their Partner, the Democrat Party, are working overtime to convince people that we are in, or will soon be going into, a Recession. They are willing to lose their wealth, or a big part of it, just for the possibility of winning the Election. But it won't work because I always find a way to win, especially for the people! The greatest political movement in the history of our Country will have another big win in 2020!

Trump is acutely aware that the perception of how the economy is faring can affect consumers’ behavior; he told reporters on Tuesday, “I think the word ‘recession’ is a word that's inappropriate because it's just a word that certain people — I'm going to be kind — certain people, and the media, are trying to build up because they'd love to see a recession. We're very far from a recession.”

Trump is not alone in surmising that Democrats and members of the Left want the economy to fail; earlier this week, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told reporters:

Some of the Democrats are trying to say the world’s going to end tomorrow as far as the economy goes. But when I talk with business leaders — I talked with some this morning in Wapakoneta — and they’re like, “We’re turning down jobs because we’re swamped.” I don’t see what the Democrats are pushing right now. It’s kind of troubling to think some Democrats, it appears they’re almost wishing for a recession because they think it helps them politically instead of focusing on what’s best for our country. And obviously a recession is never good for our country … Like I said, most indicators right now are very positive and have been positive. I think confidence is still strong. I think confidence started to get strong about 4 a.m. on Nov. 9, 2016, when it was announced that President Trump was going to be our next president.