Trump Is Right About Baltimore, And Everyone Knows It

President Trump set off another round of performative handwringing this weekend when he described the city of Baltimore as "disgusting," "rat infested," "dangerous," and "very poor." I am personally not a big fan of Trump's Twitter commentaries, which are almost always posted in anger and almost always prompted by a "Fox & Friends" segment. I would rather the president do something other than live-tweet the Fox News morning show. That said, he's not wrong about Baltimore, and I say that as someone who lived in the area for over 20 years.

Indeed, everything he said about the town has already been said — and much worse — by the people who reside in or around it. Up until this weekend, you would have been hard-pressed to find any Baltimorean who would contest the claim that Baltimore is dangerous, poor, and, yes, in parts disgusting. You would have been even harder-pressed to find non-Baltimore residents who would disagree with the assessment. To the outside world, Charm City has for years been known first for murder and drugs, second for "The Wire" (a show about murder and drugs), and third for crab cakes. Natives of the city know it for all of those same things, along with Natty Boh and great football defenses.

What a shock to the system it has been, then, to see the media and leftists on Twitter suddenly pretending to have some great affection for Baltimore. Trump possesses a sort of reverse magnetism that causes his opponents to rush to the opposite side of whatever position he has taken — even if the position is that a city with one of the highest murder rates in the country is dangerous. After spending decades scoffing at Baltimore, or entirely ignoring it, now leftists have come heroically to its defense. The hilariously misspelled #WeAreBalitmore hashtag campaign features a bunch of people — many of whom are not from the city — explaining why it is actually a lovely place. Many of these tweets are accompanied with pictures of the Inner Harbor, the most touristy spot in town and about as representative of Baltimore's culture as Times Square is of New York City's culture.