This Is What Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Of Losing Conservative Viewers [VIDEO]

This Is What Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Of Losing Conservative Viewers [VIDEO]

Tim highlighted this quote over the weekend, but the transformation of comedy into nightly pageants of ritualistic virtue signaling is fascinating to me, so I figured I’d revisit it. Losing Republican-leaning viewers is “not ideal,” Kimmel allows in an interview with rival network CBS, but he’d do it all over again “in a heartbeat.” And by “it,” America’s Pope is referring to calling Republican Senators liars on healthcare while mouthing Democratic talking points furnished by Chuck Schumer, asking viewers to dial up members of Congress to oppose Obamacare repeal, calling for increased gun control laws, and — worst of all — asserting that gun “nuts” know “in their hearts” that they “bear some responsibility” for horrors like the Las Vegas massacre. And what does he think of conservative-minded members of his audience who are tuning him out as a result of his (selective) preening harangues? “Not good riddance, but riddance:”

“I want everyone with a television to watch the show, but if they’re so turned off by my opinion on health care and gun violence, then … I probably wouldn’t want to have a conversation with them anyway.”

Look, I could understand harboring, and even outwardly expressing, this attitude about nasty trolls who, say, wish ill upon his health-challenged son due to of political disagreements.  But it’s quite revealing that he admits to having no interest in engaging with Americans who might take serious issue with a comedian lecturing them about their supposed ‘complicity’ in a mass shooting, for example.  Then again, it doesn’t seem like Kimmel spends much time having conversations with average people who don’t inhabit his elite political bubble as it is; look no further than his admission of knowing zero of the millions of people whose families have been hurt by Obamacare.  He’s not intellectually curious, nor is he particularly intrigued to learn why many people don’t share his opinions.  Demeaning and caricaturing those retrograde losers is much easier, right Jim?  Hilarious stuff!  Allahpundit wonders if Kimmel and Eminem represent the new vanguard of Wokeness among entertainers, wherein celebrities signal their tribal rectitude by explicitly renouncing their own fans who might see the world differently than they do:

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