The Latest Trend: Genderless Prom Courts

The Latest Trend: Genderless Prom Courts

The genderless wave has spread across the American teenscape, with more and more high schools electing to swap out the traditional “Prom King” and “Prom Queen” for sterilized terms like “Prom Royalty.”

According to USA Today, schools from Mississippi to Georgia are pushing the gender boundaries.

“In Mississippi, a lesbian couple lobbied to become prom king and queen,” they report. “In Georgia, the class president, who is gay, started a petition to change prom court titles to the more inclusive ‘Prom Royalty.’ Some transgender students are pushing schools to re-imagine what teen nobility looks like.”

Naturally, this woke “gender inclusion” inadvertently becomes gender exclusion. Prior to this wave, schools would traditionally elect one male and one female to the titles; simple equality. Now, some schools elect two women or two men, excluding a male or a female in the process. But in this age of “gender fluidity,” there are no males or females, so nobody cares, at least on the surface.

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