Socialist Refuses To Volunteer With Conservatives

Socialist Refuses To Volunteer With Conservatives

If you needed another example of intolerance from the self-described “tolerant” left, then look no further than Kent State University, where two socialist groups on campus refused to participate in a charity food drive with two conservative groups because of their “intolerant, dangerous beliefs.”

Don’t you just love it when the hypocrisy is loud, proud, and documented for all to see?

According to the Washington Examiner, the two conservative groups, Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Liberty, challenged the socialist groups, the Kent State Socialist Collective and Kent State Young Democratic Socialists, to a friendly competition called “The Turning Point Challenge” to see who could raise the most non-perishable food for those in need.

However, the socialist groups were not happy with the proposal, responding in a joint statement with this:


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