Sky-High California Proposes Bill Punishing Restaurants Over THIS

In a world where straw waste causes mass hysteria by clogging the brains of high-in-the-sky Californians, one man will save the Golden State. Democratic leader Ian Calderon has a few laws to cook up over a cauldron of piety and self-appreciation (Stats Show California Now Has the Highest Poverty Rate in America… and PANIC: California Democrats Worry New Taxes ‘Might’ Cause Mass Exodus).

California has proposed a bill in which waitstaff can face months of prison time and abhorrent fines for giving customers a straw. Yes, one of those bendy, plastic tube things.

[Ian] Calderon, the Democratic majority leader in California’s lower house, has introduced a bill to stop sit-down restaurants from offering customers straws with their beverages unless they specifically request one. Under Calderon’s law, a waiter who serves a drink with an unrequested straw in it would face up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

The actual number of straws being used is unclear. Calderon, along with news outlets writing about this issue—from CNN to the San Francisco Chronicle—unfailingly state that Americans use 500 million plastic straws a day, many of them ending up in waterways and oceans.

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