Seattle Hemorrhages Police Officers Amid Massive Crime Spike

Seattle Hemorrhages Police Officers Amid Massive Crime Spike

The liberal city of Seattle is losing police officers amid a major spike in crime, 770 KTTH reported.

“We’re screwed,” former King County Sheriff John Urqhart said, according to 770 KTTH.

In total, 122 officers have left the Seattle Police Department in 2022, including six that left in August, 770 KTTH reported, citing a police source. Since the city council voted to defund the police department in 2020, nearly 500 police officers have left the force. 

The city experienced 11 homicides in August, the deadliest single month on record, which goes back to 2008, according to the Seattle Times.

“There’s been a mass exodus of policing. The profession itself is almost on its last breath. And what happens is that criminals fill the void when there’s no law enforcement,” Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan told Jason Rantz on KTTH.

“And when you connect to funding, and then you connect the reform laws that were just absolutely catastrophic to our communities, This is the sad result. And who ends up paying the price? Our communities,” Solan said.

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