Rubio SHREDS Smug Reporter

Rubio SHREDS Smug Reporter

In the wake of the deadly Parkland school shooting, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida attempted to engage in a dialogue with the anti-gun left. only to find himself savagely attacked by gun-control advocates over his support for the Second Amendment and National Rifle Association.

A reporter from Granma, Cuba’s state-run newspaper, appeared to have borrowed a page from the Parkland students’ playbook by attacking Rubio with a loaded question about accepting NRA political donations during a forum at the recent Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, according to National Review.

Rubio, who speaks fluent Spanish, seized the moment and utilized the opportunity to make an excellent point about free speech, free elections and freedom and liberty in general in the United States as compared to communist dictatorships like Cuba or Venezuela.

According to a translation provided by RedState, Cuban reporter Sergio Gomez asked Rubio, “The central theme of the summit is the fight against corruption. I wonder if the influence lobbyists hold on politicians was in the agenda, specifically the NRA from whom you’ve received more than $3 million dollars. What do you say to your voters from Lima? Will you continue to accept money from that organization? What do you say to the Parkland victims?”

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