Rap Icon Slams Obama, Professes Love for Trump

Rap Icon Slams Obama, Professes Love for Trump

Kanye West slammed former President Barack Obama for never following up on his promise to work with the rapper to help deliver on the much-lauded “change” he promised and professed his “love” for the current president, says Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden.

Darden spoke to Kanye on the heels of his pro-conservative Twitter posts, wherein he praised right-wing YouTuber and pundit Candace Owens and lamented the “thought police” suppressing freedom of thought.

Recounting his sit-down with the rapper, Darden said on his Monday show that Kanye revealed he supports Owens because “she’s challenging conventional black thought.”

He also told Darden about his apparent disappointment with former President Obama, whom he said he “reached out to … for years and couldn’t get anything done” with, unlike Trump, who “gave me a meeting.”

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