Philadelphia police pelted with objects, taunted during harrowing shootout, standoff

Onlookers were seen taunting and throwing things at Philadelphia police Wednesday night amid a wild shootout and subsequent standoff that saw six cops wounded, and video posted online shows one woman shoving a police officer making his way to the scene.

Philadelphia’s KYW-TV reporter Alexandria Hoff described on Twitter Wednesday night how a crowd of people bordering the blocked off active shooter scene allegedly harassed officers.

"I mentioned this at 10 and since I was harassed during that live shot, I’ll mention it here, too," Hoff said on Twitter. "A major moment of disappointment this evening was watching a crowd of people taunt police officers, laughing and yelling at them in the midst of the gunfire."

“I should add -- 98% of people here on scene were respectful and concerned. That moment was just such a startling thing to see in the middle of something so chaotic,” she added in a separate tweet.
In another video posted by Breaking911, one woman can be seen shoving an officer from behind as he passes through the crowd. Others in the crowd yell and throw objects at police as they enter the blocked off area amid the active standoff scene.

Several officers with the Narcotics Strike Force were serving a warrant at the multifamily home -- in connection with what may have been a drug-related offense -- when things "went awry almost immediately," and the shooter opened fire, Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. said.

The dramatic shootout in Philadelphia stretched on for more than eight hours as six officers were shot. Two officers were trapped on the second floor of the building as the gunman shot through the first-floor ceiling and outside at responding law enforcement.