Peter Schiff: More Economic Pain Ahead in 2023

Peter Schiff: More Economic Pain Ahead in 2023

Last year was a tough one for investors. In fact, it was the worst year for Wall Street since 2008. The Dow was down about 8.8%. The S&P 500 fell by 19.4%, dropping more than 20% from its high. The Nasdaq took the worst hit, tumbling by 33.1%. Meanwhile, the bond market tanked, bitcoin collapsed, and the air started coming out of the real estate bubble.

Peter Schiff recently did an interview with the Epoch Times. He predicted more pain in 2023, primarily driven by inflation and the Federal Reserve.

While price inflation has cooled a bit, it is still running far above the Fed’s 2% target. Nevertheless, there is talk about a Fed pivot to rate cuts in the year ahead. Peter pointed out that “the last couple of times the Fed was able to orchestrate a pivot, it did it when inflation was 2% or less.” If the central bank makes that move in the near future,  it will “throw gasoline on the fire.”

High inflation gets even higher, and in that environment, I don’t see financial assets as a group doing well.”

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