One Man Killed, 11 More Injured In Brooklyn Shooting

A 38-year-old man was killed and 11 others were shot and injured — many seriously — during an event near the Brownsville Playground in Brooklyn Saturday night.

CBS New York reported the shooting occurred during an “old timers week” event near the playground. The New York Times reported that hundreds had gathered to attend the event. It is still unclear what started the attack or what the motive was.

Community activist Michael Thomas told CBS that attendees at first thought they heard firecrackers, not gunshots.
“We all thought it was firecrackers because, you know, you felt so safe with police presence here. Who’s going to think this is gunfire at an event like this? And then when you start seeing the crowd running and screaming, then that’s when everything clicked on that, you know, that this is gunfire, so the first thing you’re looking for is cover,” he said.
The man who died had been shot in the head; at least six others who were taken to area hospitals were seriously injured.