Ocasio-Cortez Tries To Help Bail Out ‘Activists’ Arrested For Assaulting Police, Carrying Weapons

On Saturday, about 200 people participated in a much-publicized and much-maligned "straight pride" parade in Boston put on by a group calling itself "Super Happy Fun America." There to greet them were about five times as many "anti-fascist" counter-protesters ready to "protect" the city from the "homophobic" paraders. By the end of the day, the Boston police arrested 36 people, including "activists" who came armed with dangerous weapons and who proved they were prepared to get rough, even with police. In response, two members of the "Squad" of far-left freshmen Democratic congresswomen urged their supporters to donate to help bail out the "allies & accomplices" who "put themselves on the line protecting the Boston community."

As The Daily Wire reported back in June, after their initial parade request was turned down by the City of Boston, Super Happy Fun America filed a discrimination complaint and eventually forced the city to formally approve their "celebration of heterosexuality." As noted by The Washington Times, the mayor of Boston made sure that residents knew where he stood on the parade, urging the city to "turn our backs on hatred" and accusing the event organizers of "sowing division between people."

The event was held Saturday, and the number of participants ended up being dwarfed by the number of those protesting against "straight pride." As has become an increasingly more frequent occurrence over the last couple of years, the meeting of the far-left and far-right demonstrators resulted in some violence and arrests.

The Boston Herald published a list of the 36 arrests from the event Saturday, which includes 9 suspects charged with assault and battery on a police officer, 5 charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon or carrying a dangerous weapon, and dozens arrested for either disorderly conduct and/or resisting arrest.

"Four officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries as they attempted to prevent the antifa-fueled crowd of about 1,000 counter-protesters from mixing it up with an estimated 200 parade participants," the Times reports. "It was unclear how many of those arrested were affiliated with antifa, but photos posted online showed a black-clad antifa activist being carried off by police. Antifa protesters attempting to block a road scuffled with officers, as shown on video."
In response to the arrest of some left-wing demonstrators, two high-profile Democratic congresswomen offered their help in getting the suspects bailed out.