NRA Donations Skyrocket as Celebrities, Mainstream Media Attack

Donations to the NRA’s political action committee in February surged to three times what they were in January as Parkland gun control activists and media outlets blamed the NRA for “gun violence.”

The NRA was denigrated during the February 21 CNN town hall, politicians like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) were criticized for any affiliation with the organization, and celebrities responded to the February 14 Parkland school shooting by blaming the NRA.

The celebrities included Judd Apatow calling President Trump a “coward” for not cutting ties with the NRA, Mia Farrow tweeted names of Senators and House Members who received donations from the NRA, and Chelsea Handler tying Republicans and NRA together, accusing both of having “blood on [their] hands.”

It is now evident that Americans across the land responded to this criticism by pouring money into the NRA PAC. The Washington Free Beacon reports that the PAC received $779,063 in donations in February versus $247,985 in January.

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