New mysterious explosions put north Phoenix neighborhood on edge

New mysterious explosions put north Phoenix neighborhood on edge

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- More mysterious explosions are putting a north Phoenix neighborhood on edge.

It's been nearly two months since the random explosions started going off, and Phoenix Police and their bomb squad are actively investigating. In addition, the photo of a white pickup that is being called a "vehicle of interest" has been release. However, no arrests have been made, and no suspect or suspects have been identified.

The latest incidents happened over the weekend, at a neighborhood several miles south of the previous blasts. Residents report similar experiences to previous incidents: a loud boom, a flash of light, nu no damage, and no trace of what blew up.

One blast woke up residents near 45th Avenue and Bethany Home in Glendale just before 5:00 a.m. on Saturday.

"It shook the walls. The window was shaking. It was intense and powerful," said one woman, who did not want to be identified because she is worried someone is loose in her neighborhood, maliciously blowing things up.

"I've shot ARs, handguns, different types of calibers. It was definitely not a gunshot by any means, and after I saw the camera and I saw the explosion, it has to be something. Some kind of explosive," said the woman.

People living in another North Phoenix community can relate.

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"It definitely looks like the same type of blast or explosion that's going on," said Adan Sanchez. One explosion went off on his street a month ago, near 35th Avenue and Bell Road.

Phoenix Police have not said whether their investigation may be linked to this new round of explosions.

"It doesn't surprise me if he's getting a lot of heat from our neighborhood and the cops are watching. He's gonna move," said Sanchez.

In the latest case, a security camera caught something that one neighbor thought was suspicious: a person walking by, less than 20 seconds after the blast, unfazed.

"They were just walking like nothing had happened, but that person had to have heard it," said the woman.

Anyone with information should leave an anonymous tip by calling Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. Spanish speakers can leave an anonymous tip by calling Testigo Silencioso at 480-TESTIGO.

Si tiene alguna información sobre este caso, llame a la línea de Testigo Silencioso (480-TESTIGO, 480-837-8446).

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