Netanyahu Says Iran Lied the Entire Time

Netanyahu Says Iran Lied the Entire Time

In a speech in Tel Aviv on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that Israeli intelligence had acquired tens of thousands of files, which, he said, proved that Iran had lied about its nuclear weapons program.

The files also reportedly prove that Iran has been secretly continuing its program under the nose of international inspectors.

Netanyahu said that “100,000 files right here prove that they lied” and that “the nuclear deal gives Iran a clear path to an atomic arsenal.”

Netanyahu said the files that Israeli intelligence had obtained came from a storage facility for the files on the nuclear weapons program in the Shorabad district in southern Tehran. The Israelis managed to get 55,000 pages of documents and another 55,000 files on 183 CDs. The originals are now in a “very safe place,” Netanyahu assured anyone watching.

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