Mexico Power STRUGGLE: 80+ Politicians Murdered

Mexico Power STRUGGLE: 80+ Politicians Murdered

Since Mexico’s election season began in September, at least 82 candidates and politicians have been murdered, according to Reuters and security consulting firm Etellekt.

Most of the slain were local candidates, and most were shot to death in unsolved murders.

Given the power of Mexico’s drug cartels, it’s unsurprising that the victims of these assassinations come from an array of political parties. Experts believe that gangs are behind the killings in an effort to intimidate lawmakers — and further infiltrate the government with politicians who are corruptible and will show them favor.

“Criminal gangs want to be sure that in the next government, they can maintain their power networks, which is why they are increasing attacks,” Vincente Sanchez, a professor of public administration at the Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana, told The Daily Mail.

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