Leftist Teacher Slams Trump Supporting Student. Then, THIS Happens.

A creative writing teacher came after a Latino student for being a Trump supporter – but the student had the last laugh.

The student, who posted a video of the encounter under a pseudonym, has told reporters that he wishes to remain anonymous. All we know is that he’s a high school senior somewhere in New York’s Hudson Valley. During the confrontation, the student cites facts, while the teacher continually claims victimhood.

After posting the video on YouTube, the student explained what happened:

“She was talking loudly about Trump, and I am one of the few right-wingers in my school,” he noted. “So she asked me why I supported him seeing as how I am Latino and he hates us. I responded saying that he doesn’t hate Latinos, he just wants to remove illegals from the US. It then shifted to how there is a war on blacks and other minorities because of cop killings, and [she] stated that the FBI statistics I was using were skewered [sic] because it was seeded on white supremacy.”