LAPD Unearth ‘Elaborate Underground’ Drug Lab In Granada Hills

LAPD Unearth ‘Elaborate Underground’ Drug Lab In Granada Hills

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) discovered an “elaborate underground illicit drug lab” Wednesday on Hiawatha Street in Granada Hills, California, according to a member of the agency.

Activity at the home had seemed suspicious ever since the new owner bought the property, neighbors told ABC7. The LAPD allegedly identified a marijuana-growing operation when they first arrived at the house. The police then came back to the residence with a search warrant and subsequently discovered the lab, the outlet reported.

Police found ecstasy, hash oil, date-rape drugs, fentanyl and mushrooms at the site, according to ABC7. Photos of the scene show an opening in the floor with a ladder that leads down into the lab, CBS News reported.

The LAPD proceeded to arrest a man and a woman believed to be connected to the operation, according to ABC7.


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