Joe Biden compares Donald Trump to the KKK

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed Monday that Donald Trump's use of a 'dog whistle' to subtly support racists makes him an heir to the Ku Klux Klan, the infamous white supremacist hate group.

Biden is the Democratic Party's front-runner to challenge Trump for the White House next year; he said in a brief interview clip aired by CNN that the president is trying 'to divide people – divide them, pit them against one another.'
Trump has been on the receiving end of unrelenting attacks since a pair of gun massacres on Saturday claimed 31 lives, beginning with a shooting in El Paso, Texas by a man who wrote that he was avenging a Hispanic 'invasion' of the United States.

But the first, the more deadly attack, donimated news cycles as Americans mourned and political pundits drew parallels between Trump's past words about illegal immigrants and some more broadly anti-Hispanic lines in a manofesto linked to accused murderer Patrick Crusius.

Prompted by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Biden said Monday that Trump is using 'a dog whistle' to signal his followers with racist tendencies.

'This is a president who has said things no other president has said since Andrew Jackson,' Biden said, referring to the Democratic Party's slaveholding founder, a U.S. president who famously offered bounties for the return of runaway slaves and claimed pamphlets urging black equality were 'unconstitutional and wicked.'