Hillary Supporters Plotted To Blame Bernie For THIS

Apparently, nearly two years later, some Hillary Clinton supporters are still bent out of shape about how Bernie Sanders almost toppled their candidate in the 2016 election — and are plotting to force him to resign over a fake sexual assault scandal.

A Hillary supporter, Gabrielle Fane, (whose Twitter bio says #StillWithHer) took to Twitter to find people who would help her frame Sanders, writing: “So who’s ready to be an Anonymous caller to say Bernie grabbed my waist during a selfie? All we need is 8, and we can push him out. #AlFranken.”

Fane’s tweet is a response to the “anonymous woman” who was the eighth person to accuse Franken of sexual assault, causing his resignation effective January 2.

Fane’s comments share the startling implications of the so-called #MeToo: that even the hint of sexual assault or sexual harassment could end a political career. And, thus, it could be easily abused by political opponents looking to destroy their opponent’s lives.

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