Here's how Amish PAC will re-elect President Trump with the help of the Amish

Here's how Amish PAC will re-elect President Trump with the help of the Amish

The Amish love President Trump, but voting is still considered taboo and frowned upon in their community. So will they come out to the polls in 2020?

Ohio and Pennsylvania host the largest population of Amish in the United States. Both states have nearly 100,000 Amish residents each, and that number is skyrocketing because the average Amish family has 6-8 children.

When Amish vote, they vote for individual rights, religious freedom and less government regulation on their farms and businesses. The latest study has shown that 90% of registered Amish voters are Republicans, and less than 2% are Democrats (the remainder are registered Independents). 
Amish PAC

That's where Amish PAC comes in. 

When Amish PAC was co-founded by a former Amishman three years ago, it became the first PAC in history dedicated to turning out Amish voters. The objective of their Plain Voter Project is to drive up Amish voter registration and turnout while changing Amish voting attitudes.

In 2016, Amish PAC shocked the political world and helped deliver Pennsylvania to Trump over Crooked Hillary by an extremely narrow margin.

Remember on Election Night when the fake news media held back tears to solemnly announce Trump had officially hit 270 electoral votes? That was Pennsylvania that got him to 270.

Newt Gingrich said it best: "The group that deserves credit for turning out the Amish vote is Amish PAC. On Election Day, Amish PAC's army of volunteers knocked on the doors of nearly every registered Amish Voter and offered rides to the polls."

In 2018, they successfully turned the Amish out again and delivered some huge wins including: 

The Indiana U.S. Senate seat. Winning this seat gave Republicans one extra vote in the Senate which has made it a hell of a lot easier to confirm Trump judges. In fact, Trump just recently confirmed his 165th judge putting him away ahead his predecessors at this stage of their presidency. 

Replacing Never-Trump Ohio Governor John Kasich (who has since found his calling and started working at CNN) with a MAGA friendly Governor, Mike DeWine. Winning this race will pay dividends in 2020 when Ohio is once again a must-win swing state and ground zero for Democrat voter fraud shenanigans.
Amish PAC is now weeks away from launching their 2020 Amish voter registration drive which consists of ads in Amish newspapers explaining how to register to vote, and billboards. Lots of billboards. 


Here is one they ran in 2016.

Amish PAC has a proven track record of success. And a big part of that success starts with billboards. Because the Amish don't use the internet or watch TV like you and I, billboards in rural Amish country are incredibly effective.

​Please consider helping them put up billboards and begin registering Amish voters for 2020. 


When the results trickle in from Pennsylvania and Ohio in the early morning hours declaring President Trump the winner by a few thousand votes… you’ll know who to thank.