Fauxcahontas Makes Surprise Appearance at American Indian Conference

On Wednesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) sent some presidential smoke signals with a surprise appearance at the National Congress of American Indians. There, she attempted to rebut the accusations that she fabricated Native American heritage for personal gain — she still claims she has Cherokee ancestry, without a shred of evidence to support the contention, and she likely used that fake ancestry to win a post at Harvard Law School. In the past, she’s defended her supposed ancestry by pointing to her “high cheekbones” and her recipe submission in Pow Wow Chow. Yes, really.

So, before the NCAI, Warren decided to play victim.

As usual.

This time, she suggested that President Trump’s playful label, “Pocahontas” — which is actually a botched version of the original joke about Warren, Fauxcahontas — was racism. Not just that: her mission would be to tell the Native American story every time she’s questioned about her heritage. Which amounts to using Native Americans as a political human shield to avoid explaining why she appropriated Native American heritage for personal and political benefit.

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