EXCLUSIVE: Pressure Built On DNC Chair To Replace Ailing Hilary

Former DNC Chair, Donna Brazile isn’t taking any prisoners as she makes the rounds promoting her tell-all book.

Although still predictably liberal, as the clip shows, Brazile shows a level of introspection rare among Democrats. Everyone else, including Hillary’s most prominent sycophants, have stood behind the former Secretary of State’s ludicrous claims that she didn’t rig the 2016 election.

On Sunday, Brazile faced off against former Clinton attack dog turned “objective” news reporter George Stephanopoulos on ABC This Week, describing the chaos in the Democratic Party in greater detail than before.

Having an assistant at least skim through Brazile’s book, Stephanopoulos asked about the revelation that she contemplated pushing for Joe Biden to replace Hillary as questions arose after she disturbingly fainted at New York City’s 9/11 ceremony.

While Stephanopoulos chided Brazile for not having the authority to change the ticket unilaterally, the ex-DNC Chair pushed back (somewhat) arguing that those and other troubling developments made her feel compelled to put an alternative on the table.

Grandma Nixon, ahem, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her cronies continue to deny these allegations. Fortunately, the electorate didn’t buy into their BS.