EXCLUSIVE: Media Ignored Russia Scandal While Clinton Panicked

EXCLUSIVE: Media Ignored Russia Scandal While Clinton Panicked

The media continues to downplay the growing Obama-Clinton Uranium One scandal – but, back in 2015, Hillary Clinton’s campaign team was in full panic mode knowing how bad her misconduct would look if it ever became common knowledge.

Wikileaks published an email from Hillary’s former research director, Tony Carrk dated April 29, 2015. The email had an ominous subject line: “It’s out there.”

The body of the email linked to an article from The Daily Caller detailing the collusion between the Clinton Foundation, the Hillary-led State Dept., Russian oligarchs and the complicity of the Obama administration in all of this.

Brian Fallon, Hillary’s press secretary, and Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary’s director of communications were the initial recipients of the message. Palmieri then forwarded it to Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta, adding, “Fyi.”

Podesta famously had his emails compromised in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, not because of a hack but because his password was, unbelievably, “password.”

New information has been uncovered in recent weeks about the Uranium One scandal, through Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Information reveals that Russian operatives may have used kickbacks and bribes in an attempt to gain control of some of the United States’s uranium deposits. Executives at Uranium One, the Russian nuclear energy company at the center of this controversy, paid the Podesta Group, run by John Podesta’s brother Tony, $50,000 to lobby the State Department and other agencies while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Directors from Uranium One also sought to meet with former President Bill Clinton, while he was delivering a $500,000 speech in Moscow.

Two months after Bill’s speech, Hillary Clinton helped seal the deal that turned 20 percent of America’s uranium over to the Russian company.

Hillary has since laughed off the scandal, claiming it has been “debunked,” but Congressional leaders have already begun a special investigation.

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