EXCLUSIVE: Libs Condemn Weinstein For Only RAPING White Women

A feminist at Buzzfeed isn’t explicitly outraged that Harvey Weinstein raped women… but, instead, that he only chose to rape white women and girls.

“Buried beneath the sickening story of Harvey Weinstein’s abuse is another story — the problem of casting women by their f**kability — and who that leaves out,” bemoaned Buzzfeed’s Senior Culture Writer Bim Adewunmi.

Yes, in an unbelievable turn of events, Adewunmi fumed that ‘Handsy’ Harvey had not exploited, assaulted, or raped minority women. Apparently, one of her problems with the slime-ridden mogul was that his victims just weren’t diverse enough.

“Black women do not often come up for the kind of prestigious high-profile and award-winning roles that a producer with Weinstein’s power could offer,” complained Adewunmi. She added, “If we are to discern a general message about black women (and other women of color) from the product churned out by Hollywood, it is that they are not seen as leading role material, and that is intertwined with the idea that they are not desirable ‘trophies.’”

Adewunmi added, “Looking at the list of women who have accused him of harassment and assault, it’s clear he was going after not only culture-certified ‘trophies’ but also those he felt he could suppress or control. Their f**kability was the currency he wanted, regardless of their consent. It’s important to note whom Harvey Weinstein allegedly went after, and by extension, those he did not.”

In short, a sociopath Hollywood producer who was raping actresses for decades is problematic. But the fact that he wasn’t violating minority actresses, too, somehow reveals Weinstein’s subconscious bigotry and the pervasiveness of racism in general. At least that’s the hot take according to the liberal media. Sigh.