EXCLUSIVE: Journo Says Criticizing Communism Is Racist

A BuzzFeed reporter claimed the phrase “victims of communism” is a “white nationalist talking point.”

Blake Montgomery, who works as the news site’s tech and protest reporter took umbrage at the phrase after President Donald Trump signed an executive order making November 7 the “National Day for Victims of Communism.”

“‘Victims of Communism’ is a white nationalist talking point. Trump just made Nov 7 Natl Day for Vics of Communism,” Montgomery tweeted.

Montgomery received widespread criticism on social media, including from some of his colleagues at the left-leaning website.

To his credit, Montgomery later deleted his tweet and apologized.

Historians estimate that roughly 100 million people died under communist rule in the twentieth century, making it the most deadly ideology in the history of humankind. That number is significantly higher if we include those who perished from artificial famine, disease, and overwork in labor camps.

Despite Montgomery initially claiming that recognizing the victims of communism is a “white nationalist talking point,” a substantial percentage of communism’s victims were non-white, from Mao Zedong’s China to Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge.