Convicted Serial Killer Released Early From Prison

Convicted Serial Killer Released Early From Prison

If you talk to a leftist, they’ll tell you we’re in the midst of an “epidemic” of mass-murderers Which is really just a thinly-veiled excuse for them to grab your boomsticks. Meanwhile, despite this “epidemic,” leftist types just released a convicted mass-murderer back onto the streets.

The fiend behind one of the most infamous mass shootings in city history — the “Palm Sunday Massacre” that left eight children and two young moms dead in Brooklyn in 1984 — has been quietly released from an upstate prison.

Christopher Thomas slaughtered the innocents in an East New York apartment on a rainy Palm Sunday — the blood-soaked culmination of a beef with the home’s owner, convicted cocaine dealer Enrique ­Bermudez.

Thomas had been sentenced in 1985 to 25 to 50 years behind bars after being convicted of manslaughter. He dodged a murder rap because it was determined that his heavy cocaine use contributed to his actions.

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