College Ditching Mascot For Fear Of Offending Muslims

College Ditching Mascot For Fear Of Offending Muslims

The College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts is poised to ditch their mascot over the perceived fear that it could be offensive to Muslims.

Holy Cross’s mascot is the Crusader – a reference to the medieval Christian knights who fought several wars between the 11th and 13th centuries against Muslims for control of the Holy Land: what is now, predominately Israel.

The Crusader has been Holy Cross’s mascot for over a century, but college president Rev. Philip L. Boroughs is concerned that the mascot could be “inappropriate” given what the school represents.

Boroughs has established a working group to determine whether the mascot should stay, asking them: “In what ways do you think the Crusader moniker and mascot are appropriate, or inappropriate, representations of the College, given our mission, values, and identity?”

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