CNN’s Uses Anti-Trump Officials To Push Leftist Agenda

CNN’s Uses Anti-Trump Officials To Push Leftist Agenda

A pair of ex-U.S. intel bosses is scoring major face time on CNN, but critics -including President Trump – suspect their exposure has more to do with their willingness to criticize the commander in chief than to spill trade secrets.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is an analyst for the increasingly liberal new network. His role appears to be simple, as Clapper attacks Trump on a regular basis in segments that can be replayed across CNN platforms throughout the day. Meanwhile, Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan appears to be angling for a job at the anti-Trump network, as he recently claimed to be proud when personally attacked by the president, who called him a political hack.

Clapper once said Trump’s access to the nuclear codes is “pretty damn scary” and has question his “fitness to be in this office.” Clapper’s latest obsession is Trump’s recent conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which the media turned into a microcosm of its obsession over all-things Russia.

Trump recently told reporters that Putin told him he “absolutely did not meddle in our election” and “he did not do what they are saying he did.”


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