CA Shooter Couldn’t Own Guns – See Why He Had Them

CA Shooter Couldn’t Own Guns – See Why He Had Them

The terrible shooting spree in Northern California was made all the more horrible when police discovered that the shooter had killed his wife at the beginning of his attack. But now we know that he wasn’t even supposed to be in possession of any guns.

Why was he not supposed to have guns?

According to the Chicago Tribune, the shooter had stabbed a neighbor in January, and a consequent judgment ordered him to surrender all firearms on April 1. Seven months later, he killed that same neighbor in his shooting rampage.

Police say that he was armed with one semi-automatic rifle and two handguns during his shooting spree. Another rifle was found after a search. None of them were legally in his possession — the two rifles were unregistered, and the two pistols were registered to someone else.

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