Bombshell Claim: FBI’s Strzok Behind Secret Espionage Operation, Comey Involved

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, who resigned from the company on Thursday amid his alleged ties to a government operation, made bombshell accusations on CNN late on Thursday night, claiming that top FBI officials reached out to him in 2015-2016 to conduct law enforcement activities that turned out to be political espionage.

Byrne appeared to indicate that the request came from FBI agents after it was passed down from a top FBI official, who he later says he learned was anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok. Byrne said that the political espionage operation targeted four candidates: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz.
Byrne appeared on Fox News with Martha MacCallum before he went on CNN, where he "said that all of the purported information he gleaned from his experiences ultimately landed in the hands of Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, who has been conducting an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe at the behest of Attorney General William Barr," Fox News reported.

MacCallum then asked former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to respond to the wild allegations that Byrne was making.

"He's describing it like he was being used as a source and being inserted into a situation by the feds, and there are protocols for handling sources," Whitaker said. "All of this can be corroborated. That's the key. This whole situation has to be corroborated and the nice thing about John Durham is that he has the full picture of everything that was feeding into this investigation."

Last month, Fox News reported that "key witnesses sought for questioning by Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz early in his investigation into alleged government surveillance abuse have come forward at the 11th hour" in what was described as a "breakthrough."

There is no indication from Fox News' report that Byrne was one of the people who came forward or that the story involves him.