Bill Maher: 2nd Amendment About Keeping Slaves In Check

Bill Maher: 2nd Amendment About Keeping Slaves In Check

Last Friday, on HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher framed the Second Amendment as composed by the Framers for the purpose of controlling slaves.

Drawing on a Daily Kos write-up of an annotated Constitution produced by The New York Times and available only in print, Maher apparently quoted historian Garry Wills:

Because [Garry Wills] says the Second Amendment “shows just how far the poison of slavery pervaded the Constitution. It was intended to protect slaveholders who used militias to keep a firm grip on their slaves. It wasn’t meant to let individuals prevent federal tyranny. How could it? It was meant to guarantee the legality of well-regulated militias to handle the states’ internal problems, especially the problem of a large slave population.”

Americans broadly applied double standards in their perceptions of mass murderers of varying racial backgrounds, claimed Maher, who also connected Islam to race:

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