Biden fires back: 'You can't let people say bullshit and not respond to it

Joe Biden is ready to scrap.
The former vice president is firing back at his rivals and vowing to be more aggressive at the second presidential debates after weeks of sustained attacks against his civil rights record left his supporters frustrated and worried about his passive approach.

The tipping point, according to allies and campaign strategists, came on Wednesday at a NAACP presidential candidate forum, where Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) accused Biden of being the “architect of mass incarceration” for supporting a 1994 crime bill.

“You can't be called the architect of mass incarceration and remain quiet,” a Biden ally said. “That's cruel and personal. That goes against his entire career. You can't let people say bullshit and not respond to it.” 
“The gloves are off,” the ally added. “At this point, you have to punch back when someone attacks your record. People want to see him throw a punch. The president is certainly going to come at him hard, so why not start now?”

The arrival of Fighter Joe comes as a relief to Biden’s supporters and sets the stage for a potentially brutal showdown next week in Detroit, where Biden, Booker and Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) will share the same debate stage.Harris catapulted into the top tier of candidates after the first debates, when she attacked Biden for opposing a decades-old federal busing program aimed at integrating schools and described his remarks about finding common ground with segregationist senators as “hurtful” to black people.

At the time, Biden avoided directly challenging Harris.
“I’m not going to be as polite this time,” Biden told donors at a fundraiser in Detroit on Wednesday.
Biden’s campaign is also boiling with anger at Booker. On Wednesday, the Biden campaign called Booker out by name for the first time and questioned his own record on civil rights.

Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield, said Booker “has some hard questions to answer about his role in the criminal justice system,” pointing to his promise as mayor of Newark more than a decade ago to implement a “zero tolerance policy for minor infractions.”

Bedingfield also accused Booker of “running a police department that was such a civil rights nightmare that the U.S. Department of Justice intervened.”

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