Beto O'Rourke attempts to reboot campaign on 'The View,' bemoans his 'privilege' and 'elitist' campaign

Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke, D-Texas, tried rebooting his 2020 campaign on "The View"Tuesday, admitting that he made some missteps in his initial launch earlier in 2019.

O'Rourke specifically indicated he regretted saying he "sometimes" raised his son, and that his Vanity Fair cover "reinforced" the perception that he was privileged.

When co-host Joy Behar asked if he thought the Vanity Fair cover looked "elitist," O'Rourke nodded his head.

"Yeah, I think it reinforces that perception of privilege." He also clarified that he wasn't trying to say he was "just born to be in"  the 2020 presidential race, as Vanity Fair's headline may have suggested.

"[I] was attempting to say that I felt that my calling was in public service. No one is born to be President of the United States of America -- least of all me," he told "The View."

He also addressed his controversial comment about "sometimes" helping his wife to raise their kids.

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