Anti-Gun Airline Quietly Helps Planned Parenthood

A Republican state senator running for the Georgia governor’s seat charged Wednesday that Delta Airlines is donating to groups that fund abortion provider Planned Parenthood, and thus continues to favor “left-wing” causes even though it just cut its partnership with the National Rifle Association.

Sen. Michael Williams was on CNN Tuesday to complain about Delta when he was rebutted by CNN anchor Brianna Keilar. In a late Wednesday statement, he said Keilar only wanted to push a “false narrative,” and said his new research into Delta showed the problem was worse than he first thought.

“Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from Delta partner Susan G. Komen. It’s as simple as that. Has Delta cut their ties with the Susan G. Komen Foundation like they did the NRA?” Williams said.

Delta cut its partnership with the NRA in the days following the Florida school shooting.

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