ANOTHER Liberal Media Outlet Chock-Full Of Pervs

ANOTHER Liberal Media Outlet Chock-Full Of Pervs

Several female reporters and editors told The Daily Beast, in an exclusive published on Wednesday, that Vice, the internet-based multi-media, non-traditional news company, is a “toxic” and “unsafe” place to work.

According to The Beast, the women — only a few of whom agreed to be named, because of outstanding non-disclosure agreements — accused the media company’s Los Angeles and New York bureaus of being “breeding grounds” for sexual harassment. Higher-ups at Vice, the women say, use the magazine’s offbeat brand to encourage bad behavior among its high-profile hosts and talent.

Former Vice associate producer Phoebe Barghouty gave The Daily Beast their most detailed narrative, explaining how bureau chief Kaj Larsen allegedly acted inappropriately, touching her on her back and thighs, and inviting her out to private parties where Barghouty claims he showed her off as “arm candy.”

Eventually Barghouty and one other women complained to human resources, but little was done except move Larsen and Vice Editor-in-Chief Jason Mojica, also accused of inappropriate behavior, around within the company. Barghouty says the magazine tried to hide behind its branding — that of an edgy, politically incorrect publication — to explain the alleged locker room atmosphere that pervaded Vice’s news bureaus.

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