Woman Refuses to Sing National Anthem After Team Bans Guns

Alishia Wolcott was supposed to sing the national anthem before a minor league baseball game in Nevada this summer. But when the team enacted a policy that prevented her from bringing her gun, she bowed out, The Associated Press reported.

“I will not sing our national anthem at a place that seeks to strip me of my Second Amendment rights,” Wolcott wrote in a letter to the team, the Reno Aces.

Wolcott earned her concealed carry permit earlier this year, and carries a Glock 43 9 mm pistol with her for protection. She keeps it with her because she doesn’t feel safe walking around at night, she said.

While the Reno Aces always banned guns at the stadium by rule, the team recently began requiring metal detector checks at the gate. Wolcott and her husband, when they first saw the metal detectors when walking up to the stadium last weekend, decided to go home rather than put their guns back in the car.

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